Meet Heather

I started working in the snow sport industry at a young age. Back then I remember people’s complaints about foot issues; how it affected not just their skiing enjoyment but their lives in general. I was lucky to work at two outstanding Boulder businesses; 9 years at Larry’s Bootfitting and 4 years at Neptune Mountaineering, which only served to fuel my obsession with foot health more. Uncomfortable boots and sore feet are no fun.

The longer I worked and the more I learned, the more I came to understand that happy feet can be a foundation for a healthy life. Working with Bob Egeland, the founder of Boulder Orthotics, gave me my own foundation and understanding of the wonderful intricacies involved with understanding and solving foot problems of all kinds. I expanded my education at MasterFit University and went on to pedorthic sciences training at Kennesaw State University, and I’m pleased to be able to offer my services as a Board Certified Pedorthist and Master Bootfitter.

I am an avid skier, but I also just enjoy being outside, often hiking. My job is an active one. I absolutely get the importance of happy feet, whether it’s a ski boot, a hiking boot or a street shoe. Feet are the foundation of so much, and now, after more than 25 years working with feet at play, at rest, and in everyday activities, I know how to make them happy.



• Western State University  • MasterFit University  • Kennesaw State University Academy of Pedorthic Sciences

Many thanks to my mentor and former business partner, Bob Egeland.