Boulder Orthotics specializes in Custom Footbeds, Prescription Orthotics and Custom Boot Fitting by a Board Certified Pedorthist with over 35 years' experience fitting footwear.

Good health comes from the ground up. I have customers who have improved their posture, eliminated foot, knee, and back pain, and who find walking, hiking, running, and skiing more efficient and fun because their footwear is working for them.

Call me at 720-580-3668 or to make an appointment.

Bob Egeland of Boulder Orthotics,  fitting client with custom orthotic

Egeland & Associates, LLC dba Boulder Orthotics @ Neptune Mountaineering
Egeland & Associates, LLC
dba Boulder Orthotics

Bob Egeland, C. Ped., Board Certified Pedorthist
6897 Paiute Avenue, Suite 1H
Niwot, CO 80503