What to Bring / What to Expect

What to Bring

For Gait Orthotics (Walking, Running, Hiking etc.):

It is important to bring several pairs of your most commonly worn shoes. I evaluate the wear patterns and evaluate the cross compatibility for using the orthotic in different shoes. If you have old orthotics or the original footbeds they are also good to bring.

For Fixed Foot Orthotics (Ski Boot, Mountaineering Boot, Cycling shoe etc.):

It is important to bring any existing orthotics or footbeds and the socks you will be wearing.

What to Expect

I book a two-hour appointment. During that time I will do a complete foot evaluation, gait analysis and take a ground reaction print of your feet. We will discuss the Orthotic options and the molding process will be done. At that time, I fabricate the orthotics myself and do the initial adjustments on the spot. You leave with the orthotics with break in instructions.

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