Here are testimonials from some of my clients.

Helle Frederiksen

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for all your help getting me back riding and running again.

When I meet you it was a turning stone in my rehab program. I am so happy and grateful for being back and being competitive in the sport I love so much.

See you next spring.

All the best,

—Helle Frederiksen, 2012 Olympian, 7 time Ironman 70.3 champion

Helle Frederiksen

Kim M.

I am a runner, cyclist, fitness instructor and a personal trainer who was diagnosed with Planter Fasciitis four years ago. The pain was so severe that I could no longer run and I had to greatly modify my movements while instructing classes.

I sought out a Podiatrist's care, which included cortisone shots and several pairs of orthotics. After over a year of treatment I still found myself literally crawling out of bed in the morning because I could not put any weight on my foot! Then I met Bob.

Bob became my client. And I became Bob's client! After sharing my story with Bob, he made me a pair of orthotics. Less than a year later, I ran three half marathons—pain free! Last year, I ran four half-marathons and three Marathons with no pain!

Bob gave me back my feet, my fitness and my freedom! Thank you Bob!

—Kim M.

Kim M.

Annie H.

I have "overly flexible" feet and my arches tended to flatten when I walked. I was having frequent knee pain and my posture had been terrible, resulting in two shoulder surgeries. I thought I might have to give up hiking! Then, I met Bob and he made me a pair of custom orthotics. Now I don't have knee pain and my posture is dramatically improved. I'm able to keep up with my husband on long hikes.

Bob, I can't thank you enough!

—Annie H.

Annie H.

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