Our customers leave here with a fresh perspective …

… on walking, hiking, cycling, skiing and other activities because they are no longer experiencing foot-related pain. In many cases they even have better posture! Their footwear is now working for them, and that translates into better health from the ground up.

Heather at Boulder Orthotics was a huge help for me.  I had unresolved foot pain while training for the CCC 100k.  Heather worked with me to find the problems and set me up with custom orthotics that I could wear while working on my feet all day. The pain subsided and I was able to race pain free!"
Brian C.
Running Coach, Ultra-runner
Coming to Boulder Orthotics before I hiked 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail was one of the best decisions I made before embarking on that journey. I learned a lot about my feet (and legs) and had custom insoles made that kept me pain and injury free for the entire hike. I also ended up switching shoes and going with their recommendation and used those for my entire hike. I now use my custom orthotics to run and walk in my every day life. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with Boulder Orthotics and have already gone in to have my ski boot fit evaluated, which was also excellent. I cannot recommended them enough!
Sommer W.
Avid Skier and Hiker
I am a runner, cyclist, fitness instructor and a personal trainer who was diagnosed with Planter Fasciitis four years ago. The pain was so severe that I could no longer run and I had to greatly modify my movements while instructing classes. I sought out a Podiatrist's care, which included cortisone shots and several pairs of orthotics. After over a year of treatment I still found myself literally crawling out of bed in the morning because I could not put any weight on my foot! Then I met Boulder Orthotics and with a custom pair of orthotics and less than a year later, I ran three half marathons—pain free! Last year, I ran four half-marathons and three Marathons with no pain! Thank you Boulder Orthotics!
Kim M.
Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor
Boulder Orthotics, Thank you so much for all your help getting me back riding and running again. When I met you it was a turning stone in my rehab program. I am so happy and grateful for being back and being competitive in the sport I love so much. See you next spring.
Helle F.
2012 Olympian, 7 time Ironman 70.3 champion
After an injury, I had foot pain for years. I had seen many, many specialists, including 2 different orthotics makers. I was feeling hopeless. Heather was able to synthesize all the information to not only make an amazing orthotic that had helped my foot heal and stay healed, she has bettered my understanding of my own foot and body.
Scott F.
A developing bunion led me to seek out custom footbeds, but the real bonus has been the dramatic improvement of my hip, back and neck pain. Heather is not only a master of ski boot fitting, she is equally accomplished at gait orthotics. I did not realize what a huge difference using custom footbeds in my everyday shoes would make to my overall health. My need for frequent chiropractic appointments to manage SI/leg pain has been reduced to only an occasional adjustment for maintenance. I am very grateful for Heather's skillful dedication to her craft and I highly recommend her services.
Ann S.
Avid Skier
I have "overly flexible" feet and my arches tended to flatten when I walked. I was having frequent knee pain and my posture had been terrible, resulting in two shoulder surgeries. I thought I might have to give up hiking! Then, I discovered Heather at Boulder Orthotics and she made me a pair of custom orthotics. Now I don't have knee pain and my posture is dramatically improved. I'm able to keep up with my husband on long hikes. Boulder Orhtotics, I can't thank you enough!
Annie H.
Avid Hiker
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"My surgical podiatrist says this is the best orthotics source in the Boulder County area." — Stephen R, Avid Hiker
"Incredible service and superb custom product." —David K., Ski instructor, Cyclist
"Heather was very thorough and polite.” — Kevin C.

Photo credits Ali Vagnini