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There are many styles and manufacturing techniques for Custom Orthotics and Insoles. I use a direct mold technique that captures an exact representation of your foot in a corrected position. Many practitioners use a third party lab. They will take an impression, cast or electronic scan and then send it off for another person to interpret and build. This can take up to three weeks. I will personally do the evaluation, molding and fabrication while you wait. If any adjustments are necessary they can be done on the spot. You will leave with the device, complete with break in instructions and stretching exercises if necessary.


  • Prescription Orthotics
  • Custom Insoles

Either of these devices can be made for Ski Boots—Alpine, Tele, AT, Nordic or for flexible footwear such as Hiking boots, running shoes and everyday shoes.


  • Custom Ski Boot liner thermo molding and modification
  • Custom Ski Boot fitting and modification
  • Boot stretching


Prescription Orthotics


Custom Insoles


Metatarsal Pads


Forefoot/Rearfoot posting


Multiple pair discount available
Additional Accommodations available

Custom Boot and liner work


All Custom Insoles and Orthotics have a six month adjustment period at no charge.

Egeland & Associates, LLC dba Boulder Orthotics @ Neptune Mountaineering
Egeland & Associates, LLC
dba Boulder Orthotics @ Neptune Mountaineering

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